Welcome to Savori! Here you can pre-order our delicious home made food and learn more about us like our location, dates and menu, we also have some of our products on display over at our Instagram and Twitter (@savori_houtbay). You may contact us at either our Instagram or Email, more information below!


Savori is a small pop-up waffle and pancake stand with food in both sweet and savori varieties, we are a small team made up of Max Blom, Deven Garde and Felix Sehested-Larsen. We are purely based in Hout Bay and will currently only be open for one day (26th of August 2022), we take cash and IOU’s for HBIS students only, we offer pre-orders aswell to get priority on our delicious home made food, the pre-order information is available right here on this very website!


Send your queries to one of the below mentioned contacts and you should have a response within 24 hours! Contact us for pre-orders in the pre-order section below!

Email: savori.houtbay@gmail.com

Instagram: @savori_houtbay


If you wish to pre-order, then you are in the right place, please look at the menu, choose your option and then send us an email at savori.orders@gmail.com or fill out our online form https://forms.gle/dsXCEjUjCGPdAuFz7, keep note our payment methods are cash only however for HBIS students we take IOU’s!